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We know your struggle, which is why we built Elevated CRM. It's your one stop shop for the best leads, live sales training from top producers, website hosting, workflows, and automations.


Make more sales with less effort

Automate Your Lead Generation And Sales

We have a built-in system in order for you to pick between 25, 50, 75, 100 as well as 200 leads Per Week directly delivered to your inbox in REAL TIME. These leads are currently seeing about a 18% conversion rate with an average yearly premium of $1533. We also do weekly trainings on best practices with our top producers in order for it to be a turnkey system for any agent at any level.

Connect With Your Leads In Seconds

When a Lead comes in, it means they are on their phone and ready to learn more

Let Your Automations Do The Heavy Lifting

The automations will instantly text your leads and start a conversation

Close Deals in Record Breaking Speed

Jump in using our WINNING SCRIPT and save yet another family


Try Elevated CRM for $50 Per Month FOR LIFE.

Get leads fast like super fast

All Our Leads Are Dispersed In Real Time!

Know what to do with your new website content? Create a landing page! With our drag-and-drop form and funnel builders, you can create a beautiful site that converts traffic into leads.

USE OUR PROVEN AUTOMATIONS why recreate the wheel

Proven To Generate You More Appointments

Building custom nurture campaigns has never been so seamless. You can now send text messages, emails and even Facebook messages to convert leads automatically!

there isn't much more to say about this INSANE script

Our Holy Grail Script That Closes About 18% Of It's Leads

Keeping track of conversations is tough, but remember to keep two-way messages in mind. Texts and emails are good ways to stay connected with friends who live far away or you haven't seen in a while!

We work on things that matter most to you


Maintaining two-way communication is tough but remember that texts, email or a simple "Hey!" on social media may be the perfect way for you reconnect with someone who lives far away (or in your past).

With our new auto-nurture campaign feature, you can send text and email updates as well as Facebook posts - in one place. Just connect the channels of communication that are most important to each lead type (text message or an email) then set up a healthy feedback loop with two way conversations between yourself and them.

Your business deserves the best


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  • Live Lead Market

  • Winning Text & Email Drip Campaigns

  • Unbeatable Sales Script

  • Verified Producer Website

  • Insurance Carrier Sales Links

  • Agent Recruitment Funnels

  • High Converting Recruitment Drip Campaigns

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